Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Weekend in Amsterdam

From Easter in Ams...

Heike, Liam and I spent the Easter weekend in Amsterdam with Hans-Günther, Tina and a collection of the Kurpfälzer Trabanten regulars. The photographic evidence is catalogued in the Picasa gallery here.

Our accommodation was in the Hotel Arena, a converted orphanage apparently. I'd definitely recommend this place as a good compromise of price, comfort and central location. In addition, the rooms have a wacky charm, with the beds positioned in an upper floor within the room. Liam had a lot of fun throwing things down from the bed onto the living area below.

Of course sightseeing in Amsterdam was interesting. Previous visits for me were either passing through or work-related, so sights like the Palace and Niewe Kerk were mandatory. On Sunday we visited the Artis Zoo, which was a great day out for Liam. He especially liked the crocodiles, and insisted that he wanted to take the 3-metre-long specimen home with him...

The only downside to the trip was that on the way home, Liam had an upset tummy, and had to have several changes of clothes as the contents of his alimentary canal came out one way or the other. Fortunately a night's sleep at home put him back on his feet again.

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