Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Comparison of gBox widget with

After posting about the gBox service, I though I'd offer a visual comparison with a service I've been using for a while: Below is my "recent tracks" widget, which also handily slides into Facebook.

I've got to say, my preference is very clearly for the app for its clean design. What do you think?

[Update: If like me you use Google Reader, you'll not see the widget. Click through to website to see this post in it's full glory]


Anne Marie Cunningham said...

As an end-user and nothing more, and only from my reading of what you have said, I have to presume that these two 'boxes' are for different things. Last FM is for showing what you are listening to and the Gbox is so that people can send you Mp3s... are these not different. Maybe I'm a bit confused about the gBox.

Macartan said...

Yeah, they've got fairly different functions. I guess I was really interested in the design and the sharing concept. It seems to me that the big problem in digital music sales is the discovery process - how to let users know about "long tail" offers. In this sense both could be useful as reputation-based sales drivers.