Monday, October 15, 2007

Burg Landeck and Martinsturm

From Martinsturm

The Cassidy family plus neighbour Anne with dog Duke enjoyed a Sunday excursion in the Pfalz yesterday. Burg Landeck near Klingenm├╝nster is a castle ruin dating from the 12th century, and a starting point for a circular walk taking in some excellent viewpoints, including the Martinsturm, a 19th century monastic tower.

Here are myself and the kids (Heike declined to climb the slippery steps) atop the tower, looking out all over the Pfalz:

From Martinsturm

On the way there and back we collected another bag full of chestnuts, as those previously collected in Schriesheim are by now all eaten.

Eight and a half kilometres over 4 hours of walking is a long day for short legs, but fortunately some of us are able to snooze on the move:

From Martinsturm

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