Friday, August 29, 2008

Pope spares a thought for crucified frogs everywhere

I was fascinated to read that the Pope has been criticising the work of art below as blasphemous.


Local politician Franz Pahl has even gone on hunger strike to protest at the piece, and ended up in hospital.

Why does the head of a major religion have time for this nonsense? Is he concerned about frogs everywhere suffering at the hands of copycat killers? Apparently not, the official reason for outrage is as follows:

[the sculpture] "wounds the religious sentiments of so many people who see in the cross the symbol of God's love"

I'm not aware that wounded sentiments are a diagnosable medical condition, so I'd have to say that the actual damage caused by this sculpture is pretty close to zero. I wish people would take more notice of PZ Myers. As he so eloquently framed the great host desecration debate last month, "IT'S A FRACKIN’ CRACKER!", or in this case "It's a frackin' painted wooden frog!".

So please your popiness, stop getting excited about this trivia, and do something constructive instead. How about slowing down the spread of AIDS in Africa by recommending condom use? Now that could actually save lives and make you seem less like an irrelevant old fart...

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Smorg said...

Ick... The pope sure has a strangely morbid idea about 'god's love'. If I were god, I don't think I'd be too pleased with him! ;oP