Saturday, March 21, 2009

I like Christian Pauls because…

as well as being the current German ambassador to Ireland, he’s ChristianPauls willing to throw out some undiplomatic truths now and again.  He famously described Irish society as “coarse”,  “chaotic” and “greedy” in 2007. On that occasion the public reaction was just enough horror at these insulting terms in order to avoid thinking about whether there may be a grain of truth there somewhere.

Most recently he had some thoughts about the Lisbon Treaty:

German ambassador defends Lisbon Treaty remarks

In this speech Herr Pauls touched on the delicate subject having your cake and eating it. Particularly those who  “complain about other nations fishing in their waters. . . and forget who pays their milk subsidies” were singled out for criticism.

Of course the anti-Lisbon group Libertas were quick to label these comments as “unacceptable” and “insulting” to Irish voters. But aren’t they just obvious? Isn’t it clear that if Ireland rejects the Lisbon Treaty again, that there can’t be a continued stream of subsidies?

As an Irish citizen paying taxes in Germany, I am happy that a portion of my taxes are subsidising my native country. I’ll be even happier when the Irish electorate face up to their European responsibilities.

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