Monday, June 15, 2009

Richard Schlenk’s inaugural lecture

Last Friday we used the traditional German Brückentag excuse to take a day’s holiday between the Thursday bank holiday and the weekend. There was a good reason to do so as we were invited to the University of Ulm to witness our friend Richard’s Antrittsvorlesung, or inaugural lecture to celebrate his Habilitation. There’s a lively debate on LEO regarding the correct translation of Habilitation, I won’t delve further.

Rechard’s speciality is leukemia, and I know from helping him translate one of his papers that it’s pretty depressing material. This time unfortunately I didn’t get far enough into the lecture to get depressed, as both Liam and Rosalie decided that an hour of medical slides was more than they could handle. Heike reported that the talk was interesting and well received.

Our pictures from the University, celebration lunch in Butzental Biergarten and a touristy stop in the picturesque little town of Blaubeuren are shown below.

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