Sunday, August 08, 2010

Assembling a new Swing and Slide

Yesterday was a very busy day here, as Project New Swing and Slide moved from the planning phase to the Realisation phase. Fortunately Heike’s brother Hans-G√ľnther was on hand with the appropriate power tools to get the job done.

There were one or two moments of incredulity as we realised that the instructions were not written in the traditional linear style. The essence of page 6 was that in order to get to page 7, you really need to re-do page 5.

Such problems notwithstanding, we did manage to get a functional swing for the kids before the barbecue started, and I added the slide today.

Below is a slideshow of the Saturday photos, and the finished product from today.

From 2010-08-08 - New Swing and Slide

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Anne Marie Cunningham said...

Well done! Lucky kids:)