Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shuffling Along

I recently added the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle to our family of iPods. The size comparison is an eye-opener. The old and clunky iPod Mini on the left was sold to me as a "small" device - but that was 2 years ago. Heike's Nano in the middle is certainly slim, sleek and sexy, but still pretty big compared to the Shuffle on the right.
Which is great for my purposes, namely jogging with Electra. The Mini used to fulfil this purpose, but in old age has been skipping when jogged, and the battery life was never that great. It has been retired to more gentle duties, semi-permanently plugged into the car stereo.
The sound quality on the Shuffle has been a pleasant surprise. I had been aware of Bill Machrone's positive review in PC Mag, and the corresponding research he published, but I hadn't expected my ears to pick out the difference while jogging on a windy day listening to 128kbps MP3s. However now I'm a convert - the sound quality for me is better than the two bigger cousins in the picture.

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