Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Weekend in Dublin

Heike, Liam and I visited Dublin at the weekend, and had a very pleasant stay. It was a lot more relaxing than our usual weekend trips, inasmuch as we stayed till Monday, thus avoiding the Sunday afternoon rush to the airport.
On Saturday we met up with Heidi, Caitriona and Albert, and most importantly had our first introduction to Sarah Catherine Fleming. Liam was suitably impressed by the baby.
It was just the right weekend to visit Dublin, as everyone's spirits were lifted by the magnificent 43:13 win over England in the Six Nations. The game was destined to be historic for the setting, this year being the first time that Croke Park is used for football and rugby. The atmosphere and scoreline made all the idiot hardliners protesting outside all the more irrelevant.
On Saturday and Sunday evening, Liam was able to tire himself out playing with his cousins, I'd love to include pictures, but I stupidly left the camera at home :-(
All in all a very enjoyable weekend.

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