Monday, June 04, 2007

Holiday in Texel

Here are Liam and I on the beach in Texel, on the first day or two of our holiday. The weather was still pretty nasty at this point, as evidenced by our rain gear.

Unfortunately we'd packed in haste and heat in Heidelberg, so didn't have an enormous amount of cold weather gear with us. Heike had to buy herself a new coat, which she's proudly modelling in the North Sea surf here:

Electra was as usual captivated by her frisbee, regardless of weather

Our accomodation was spartan but comfortable, although the bed did get crowded now and then.

Soon enough the weather cleared up a bit, and we were able to hit the beach without rain gear

and even the sandals were brought into play

Liam kept the dogs occupied, and was occasionally able to convince them to do his bidding

Finally of the last couple of days the good weather came, and the swimming gear was used in anger...

although even then we were more on the beach building sandcastles than actually in the water

All in all a fun holiday, as exemplified by Heike's chirpy laugh below...

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