Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ultrasound #8

Heike had another ultrasound today, this time it was in the morning and I couldn't make it. All is well, the estimated weight is now 3100 grams, which is pretty good for 35 and a half weeks.
The birth could take place any day now, which made it all the more scary that my new Blackberry Pearl is acting up and going into aircraft mode on its own initiative :-((


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you all on the home straight! Second time around was much more straightforward for us, even though Ruairi ended up being 4.5kgs! Finished your baby naming arguments yet? ;-)

Macartan said...

The baby name is chosen, will be publicly revealed at the appropriate time.
Heike would probably say "differently difficult" rather than straightforward. Less vomiting and forced rest, but certainly a lot more suffering in the last trimester due to summer heat and humidity.