Monday, March 29, 2010

Imperial measures of Kieran

3720 grams = 8.20119615 pounds

53 centimeters = 20.8661417 inches


Liam and Rosalie visit Kieran

Liam and Rosalie dropped into the hospital together with Anne from across the road. They were happy to see their new baby brother, but not all that keen to share. I’m hoping they learn that before they pull him apart like a rag doll.

Kieran Patrick Günther Cassidy

At 08:11 this morning I was thrilled to be handed a slightly cheesy and blood-stained son. Kieran arrived Macduff-style, namely by Caesarean. Despite being more than 2 and a half weeks before term, he weighed in at a very healthy 3720 grams, and 53 centimetres, making him bigger than both of his siblings on their birthdays.

Here he is still covered in the cheese-like moisturiser so popular among new-borns:

From 2010-03-29 - Kieran Patrick Günther

and here with his mother, both tired after all their efforts:

From 2010-03-29 - Kieran Patrick Günther

I was able to dress up for the day too - here I am in my operating theatre gear (I ditched the hat and face mask at the earliest opportunity

From 2010-03-29 - Kieran Patrick Günther

The important news is that Heike and son are well, if somewhat exhausted by the whole procedure

From 2010-03-29 - Kieran Patrick Günther

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Günther Schwab celebrates his 75th birthday

Heike’s father Günther turned 75 yesterday, and the family congregated to help him celebrate. My pictures are in the Picasa slideshow below.

Careful observers will note that Heike seems more pregnant than ever. It won’t be long now!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Selva Val Gardena

Liam, Rosalie and I joined up with my dad for a week of skiing in Selva Val Gardena (Dolomites) last week.

Heike was ordered by the doctor to stay home and rest, which was lucky for her as she would have gone mad on the drive there. Snow caused traffic chaos through Germany and Austria on that day, so that we were on the road a total 13.5 hours getting there!

Below are some pictures of the kids both in the apartment and on their sledges, and a video of Liam skiing.