Sunday, December 05, 2010

Liam plays Hirte Simon (Simon the Shepherd)

As Liam told me he was to play a shepherd in the kindergarten church play, I automatically assumed that it would be a nativity play. However when he also told me that his friends were playing a thief and a wolf respectively, I began to suspect that there was more to it than this.

From 2010-12-05 - Liam plays Shepherd Simon

In “Die vier Lichter des Hirten Simon”, the protagonist searches for his lost lamb, and along the way dispenses light to society’s outcasts (thief, wolf and beggar). Liam shared the title role with another kindergarten child, which is an insurance against stage fright amongst five-year-olds. In this instance it was unnecessary, both shepherds withstood the pressure. Liam even ad-libbed a little – on picking up his lantern with four candles he claimed it was too hot, and took one with just one candle instead.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Feldbahn- und Industriemuseum Wiesloch

From 2010-10-02 - Feldbahn- und Industriemuseum Wiesloch

The Feldbahn- und Industriemuseum in Wiesloch had an open day today, with their little narrow gauge railway trundling to and fro along a 200 metre line. Rosalie and Liam found this train very entertaining, as well as the guided tour of the little museum.

The full title for the event was "FUNZEL- UND LATERNENABEND", or Museumslichterfahrt mit Laternenprämierung, see for details. The idea was that each child would bring a lantern, so that the train rides after dark would have more atmosphere.

Contrary to expectations, there were no prizes for “best lantern”, so the hectic hour of hedgehog and ladybird-themed lantern creation last night was somewhat in vain. Nonetheless the kids had a great time, as the pictures below show.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Assembling a new Swing and Slide

Yesterday was a very busy day here, as Project New Swing and Slide moved from the planning phase to the Realisation phase. Fortunately Heike’s brother Hans-Günther was on hand with the appropriate power tools to get the job done.

There were one or two moments of incredulity as we realised that the instructions were not written in the traditional linear style. The essence of page 6 was that in order to get to page 7, you really need to re-do page 5.

Such problems notwithstanding, we did manage to get a functional swing for the kids before the barbecue started, and I added the slide today.

Below is a slideshow of the Saturday photos, and the finished product from today.

From 2010-08-08 - New Swing and Slide

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kindergarten Sommerfest

On Saturday Liam and Rosalie’s kindergarten celebrated their summer fest, this year with a medieval knights & damsels theme.

Fortunately there was some help from the freie kurpfälzischen Ritterschaft, a local group of medieval fans who kept the children enthralled with stories, games and bouts of jousting.

Some pictures below:


We visited the Felsenmeer (literally sea of rocks) near Darmstadt last Sunday. The boulder field gave the kids plenty of opportunity to climb around and have fun.

A few impressions are in the slideshow below:

Weather comparison between Dublin and Heidelberg

The problem with easy access to information is that it’s just too easy to get jealous of other people’s weather.

Like when I looked at these two pictures this morning:


Not fair.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tired Children

We went for a walk today near Burg Frankenstein, and yes, it was Mary Shelley's inspiration. The effort was all a bit much for Liam and Rosalie though, for the last third of the walk they chose to get some sleep in the buggy.
It was a tight squeeze, but they didn't seem to mind!
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Studio pictures of Kieran plus family

We made the effort last week to get some photos made professionally of Kieran, and the results are in my opinion worth it.

Judge for yourselves…

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Painting Easter Eggs

Liam and Rosalie took some time out today from revering the new little brother, and did some creative artwork instead.

From 2010-04-03 - Painting Easter Eggs

Starting with some basic white eggs and food dye, and continuing with special edible paint concoction, they produced what a proud father can only term works of art. The Tate Modern displays stuff that looks worse.

From 2010-04-03 - Painting Easter Eggs

Here are the two creative geniuses hard at work. 

From 2010-04-03 - Painting Easter Eggs

It has to be said that not all of the artistic materials were used for a higher purpose, some were used to prove a point to any parents who might dare to question the artistic direction.

From 2010-04-03 - Painting Easter Eggs

At the end of the day though the balance was positive: 24 brightly coloured eggs, many of whom had not been thrown on the floor in frustration.

From 2010-04-03 - Painting Easter Eggs

Monday, March 29, 2010

Imperial measures of Kieran

3720 grams = 8.20119615 pounds

53 centimeters = 20.8661417 inches


Liam and Rosalie visit Kieran

Liam and Rosalie dropped into the hospital together with Anne from across the road. They were happy to see their new baby brother, but not all that keen to share. I’m hoping they learn that before they pull him apart like a rag doll.

Kieran Patrick Günther Cassidy

At 08:11 this morning I was thrilled to be handed a slightly cheesy and blood-stained son. Kieran arrived Macduff-style, namely by Caesarean. Despite being more than 2 and a half weeks before term, he weighed in at a very healthy 3720 grams, and 53 centimetres, making him bigger than both of his siblings on their birthdays.

Here he is still covered in the cheese-like moisturiser so popular among new-borns:

From 2010-03-29 - Kieran Patrick Günther

and here with his mother, both tired after all their efforts:

From 2010-03-29 - Kieran Patrick Günther

I was able to dress up for the day too - here I am in my operating theatre gear (I ditched the hat and face mask at the earliest opportunity

From 2010-03-29 - Kieran Patrick Günther

The important news is that Heike and son are well, if somewhat exhausted by the whole procedure

From 2010-03-29 - Kieran Patrick Günther

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Günther Schwab celebrates his 75th birthday

Heike’s father Günther turned 75 yesterday, and the family congregated to help him celebrate. My pictures are in the Picasa slideshow below.

Careful observers will note that Heike seems more pregnant than ever. It won’t be long now!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Selva Val Gardena

Liam, Rosalie and I joined up with my dad for a week of skiing in Selva Val Gardena (Dolomites) last week.

Heike was ordered by the doctor to stay home and rest, which was lucky for her as she would have gone mad on the drive there. Snow caused traffic chaos through Germany and Austria on that day, so that we were on the road a total 13.5 hours getting there!

Below are some pictures of the kids both in the apartment and on their sledges, and a video of Liam skiing.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend in Berlin

We are just back from a very enjoyable weekend visiting friends in Berlin. A highlight for the kids was the Museum für Naturkunde. In particular the brachiosaurus and diplodocus on show in the main foyer prompted much gushing from Liam about these being "my favourite dinosaurs".

Also popular were a row of Russian tanks and artillery on show a few minutes walk from our friends’ house in Karlshorst. The building where the German unconditional surrender was signed in 1945 is now a German-Russian museum. We didn’t bother going inside, the tanks were really all the kids wanted to see.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Kids love snow (shock)!

The winter has finally delivered with a nice dump of snow, so the kids and I headed up the hills outside of Heidelberg for some sledging. Some pictures below…

From 2010-01-09 - Sledging at Lingental

From 2010-01-09 - Sledging at Lingental

From 2010-01-09 - Sledging at Lingental

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