Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kindergarten Sommerfest

On Saturday Liam and Rosalie’s kindergarten celebrated their summer fest, this year with a medieval knights & damsels theme.

Fortunately there was some help from the freie kurpfälzischen Ritterschaft, a local group of medieval fans who kept the children enthralled with stories, games and bouts of jousting.

Some pictures below:


We visited the Felsenmeer (literally sea of rocks) near Darmstadt last Sunday. The boulder field gave the kids plenty of opportunity to climb around and have fun.

A few impressions are in the slideshow below:

Weather comparison between Dublin and Heidelberg

The problem with easy access to information is that it’s just too easy to get jealous of other people’s weather.

Like when I looked at these two pictures this morning:


Not fair.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tired Children

We went for a walk today near Burg Frankenstein, and yes, it was Mary Shelley's inspiration. The effort was all a bit much for Liam and Rosalie though, for the last third of the walk they chose to get some sleep in the buggy.
It was a tight squeeze, but they didn't seem to mind!
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