Sunday, October 03, 2010

Feldbahn- und Industriemuseum Wiesloch

From 2010-10-02 - Feldbahn- und Industriemuseum Wiesloch

The Feldbahn- und Industriemuseum in Wiesloch had an open day today, with their little narrow gauge railway trundling to and fro along a 200 metre line. Rosalie and Liam found this train very entertaining, as well as the guided tour of the little museum.

The full title for the event was "FUNZEL- UND LATERNENABEND", or Museumslichterfahrt mit Laternenprämierung, see for details. The idea was that each child would bring a lantern, so that the train rides after dark would have more atmosphere.

Contrary to expectations, there were no prizes for “best lantern”, so the hectic hour of hedgehog and ladybird-themed lantern creation last night was somewhat in vain. Nonetheless the kids had a great time, as the pictures below show.