Sunday, December 05, 2010

Liam plays Hirte Simon (Simon the Shepherd)

As Liam told me he was to play a shepherd in the kindergarten church play, I automatically assumed that it would be a nativity play. However when he also told me that his friends were playing a thief and a wolf respectively, I began to suspect that there was more to it than this.

From 2010-12-05 - Liam plays Shepherd Simon

In “Die vier Lichter des Hirten Simon”, the protagonist searches for his lost lamb, and along the way dispenses light to society’s outcasts (thief, wolf and beggar). Liam shared the title role with another kindergarten child, which is an insurance against stage fright amongst five-year-olds. In this instance it was unnecessary, both shepherds withstood the pressure. Liam even ad-libbed a little – on picking up his lantern with four candles he claimed it was too hot, and took one with just one candle instead.

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