Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Politically incorrect factoids

There's an amusing collection of politically incorrect factoids posted on Psychology Today. The post is an excerpt from the book Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters, by Alan S. Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa.
In short, the insights are as follows, with my comments in [square brackets]
  1. Men like blond bombshells (and women want to look like them) [MC: and in other news, milk turns sour if you leave it out of the fridge. Who paid for this research?]
  2. Humans are naturally polygamous [MC: hmm, Mormons are natural? Not so sure about this...]
  3. Most women benefit from polygyny, while most men benefit from monogamy [MC: The G.B. Shaw quote is good - "The maternal instinct leads a woman to prefer a tenth share in a first-rate man to the exclusive possession of a third-rate one."]
  4. Most suicide bombers are Muslim [MC: because they're hoping to get laid in heaven. The challenge is to convince them to enter the afterlife alone]
  5. Having sons reduces the likelihood of divorce [MC: the idea is that dads want to pass on more wealth to sons than daughters, therefore stick around]
  6. Beautiful people have more daughters [MC: My parents will enjoy this]
  7. What Bill Gates and Paul McCartney have in common with criminals [MC: Strong early careers leading to mediocrity, apparently]
  8. The midlife crisis is a myth—sort of [MC: more or less the same as #1, we males do silly things to impress young females. Guilty]
  9. It's natural for politicians to risk everything for an affair (but only if they're male) [MC: Alpha males sow and reap. Believable]
  10. Men sexually harass women because they are not sexist [MC: Men are pigs, but not evil pigs]
The PT article gives considerably less trite background to these points, and is well worth a read, regardless of how seriously you take the field of evolutionary psychology.

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