Sunday, January 21, 2007

Audiobook Review - Iraq Study Group Report

A click on this post title should bring you to, where they're giving away the free audiobook version of the Iraq Study Group Report (strangely on you have to pay $4.95 for this).

I listened to this over the Xmas break, here's the review I posted on audible:
"This audiobook is a must-listen. Bear in mind the authors - a crossparty set of American politicians who for the most part thought originally that it was a good idea to invade Iraq. They have changed their minds for the same reasons that most sane people never wanted the war - they see now that America can only lose, and that the Bush Administration has cynically and callously sent 3000 American soldiers to their deaths, as well as many times that number of Iraqi civilians.

The Iraq Study Group Report is a purely factual account, and there are a lot of statistics to get through, but the message that comes through is clear - a swift and managed exit is the only option that America now has available. The corollary not explicitly stated by Jim Baker and his co-authors, but implicitly drawn from the text, is that George W. Bush and his administration are at best inept, and at worst criminals."

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