Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Year's Resolution - Maintain this Site

Now that is changed over from static HTML to a weblog, I'd like to explain the scope and purpose of the new site. Maybe purpose first - let all of you out there know what myself, Heike and Liam are up to. This will have to do as the mission statement for now :-)

The title of this post also hints at my motivation, namely a New Year's resolution to keep the blog current and maintained. We'll see if it lasts...

The scope of the posts will I hope be pretty varied. Cute pictures of Liam are easy wins with grandparents, so the rest of you will have to accept that staple. As Technology is my career and hobby, expect some comment also on new gadgets and trends. Reviews of books, music, movies, podcasts, etc. will be in there too. Another NYR is to do more climbing in 2007, so I'll hopefully be able to report on some crags. Holidays too. The odd political comment such as "US out of Iraq" might be thrown in, although this is arguably such a no-brainer as to be a platitude.

A word on the blog language - it's English. This although I use predominantly German in my daily life. Maybe I'll post now and again in German if it's a topic of no interest to English speakers, we'll see. In general though, I'll save German eyeballs from my Hibernian grammer stuctures, for as Hans Bix said:
"Ich gebe zu , daß mein Verhältnis zur deutschen Sprache
wie mein Verhältnis zu meiner Frau ist:
Ich liebe sie, ich bewundere
sie, ich verstehe sie meistens,
aber ich beherrsche sie nicht."

And what do I expect from you, the reader? Please use the feedback button if you like or dislike any post - ambivalence is the only excuse for silence. A suggestion for your comfort is to paste the feed URL in your favourite RSS reader, that way you don't have to come looking for updates (who knows how frequent they'll be?).

A word on timing, I'm planning to send a link to this post today 20th January to a select group of people, and ask you to beta test the site for a week or so, and send me your feedback. Then by the end of the month I'll send out links to everyone I think might be interested. Feel free to forward the link to anyone you think might be interested.

After all that blabbing, finally a bit of news. For those that don't know, Heike is expecting a sibling for Liam, the date we're aiming for is 21st July 2007. We're thrilled and looking forward to this, expect updates in the coming months :-)


Anonymous said...

Dear All
Happy New Year - feel very honoured to beta test your site so thought I would try and leave a message. I hope Heike is getting some good rest and Macartan that you are not so dedicated to the site that you neglect your wife :-)
Anyway, I am going to try and submit this now love Louisa

Anonymous said...

Looks good mate.

I'll keep an eye out for some new musings.

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